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By Dahna Fox, Akashic Records Teacher & Consultant

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The Akashic Records are the energetic recording of your Soul's journey over every lifetime including your Soul's agenda for this lifetime.  Learn more about your Akashic Records by emailing Dahna at:  Info@AkashicWisdom.com or calling her at 216-392-5490

Up Coming Level One Akashic Records Workshops:

Akron, OH - May 2, 3, & 4th (Fri -6:30-9:30PM, Sat 1-5PM, Sun 10AM - 1PM)

Minneapolis, MN - May 17 & 18 - There will be 2 Level One workshops an AM & PM Class

Minneapolis Akashic Records Lecture Series in Minneapolis:

Lake Harriet Church - May 12 at 7 PM

Echo Bodine's New Center - May 14 at 7 PM

Living Waters Cafe - May 15 at 7 PM

Each one of these lectures will be a different theme.  Series cost $50 or $25 ea

For more information on private consultations, workshops, & Lecture Series

Call or email Dahna at 216-392-5490 or Info@AkashicWisdom.com

Listen to Dahna on her internet radio show:

Akashic Wisdom on www.BBSRadio.com Station 2

Every Sunday night 8 PM Pacific 10 PM Central & 11 PM Eastern - call or email your questions